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Amy Poehler and ‘The Simpsons’ Alums Developing New Fox Animated Comedy — First Details

2 hours ago

Amy Poehler is getting animated for Fox.

The “Parks and Recreation” star, who has been spending more time as an executive producer in recent years (“Broad City,” “Difficult People”), has paired with “The Simpsons” alums Mike and Julie Scully to develop a new animated half-hour series about a teenager with big aspirations

Fox has given a script-plus-presentation order to the show, which means a short pilot will be produced for series consideration.

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Per the network, the untitled show is centered “on the family and friends of 15-year-old Duncan Harris, an average kid with dreams of being a Ufc fighter, tech billionaire, video game champ, or any job where you make a ton of money and don’t have to wear a tie.”

Poehler will executive produce with the Scullys, and »

- Michael Schneider

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‘You’re the Worst’ Season 4 Trailer: Aya Cash Drops an A-Bomb on Love in Painfully Funny Final Spot — Watch

4 hours ago

Don’t get us wrong: IndieWire loves Jimmy (Chris Geere) and Gretchen (Aya Cash). Who doesn’t want to see these two rebellious kids work it out? The wretched tease of eternal happiness, wrenched away at the end of the finale, left every viewer absolutely devastated.

But there’s a reason the show is called “You’re the Worst,” and creator Stephen Falk seems intent on exploring that in Season 4: These people don’t handle conflict well — driving away friends and family in the process — and oh boy is there a big conflict a’comin’.

Read More:‘You’re the Worst’ Season 3 Finale Review: A Novel Ending No One Expected Caps an Adventurous Year for Families

[Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Season 3, as does the trailer, which is why you’re reading this, correct?]

Following Jimmy’s cataclysmic decision to bail on his own proposal — right after Gretchen said yes — Season 4 opens with the couple in separate places. Gretchen is recovering via extreme new hobbies, like doing crack, »

- Ben Travers

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‘Marvel’s The Defenders’: How One Director Overcame the Challenge of Uniting Four Very Different Series

5 hours ago

With the premiere of “Marvel’s The Defenders,” fans of the Netflix/Marvel universe are finally getting the “Avengers”-style unification of four superpowered series — but don’t expect that to happen all at once. While Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and the Iron Fist all live in the same New York City, they all come from very different shows.

“In the story we took our time, each person introducing the audience to their own worlds,” showrunner Marco Ramirez told IndieWire. “We made sure that we really honor the fact that they all existed independently before they start coming together.”

Read More:‘Marvel’s The Defenders’: The Key ‘Daredevil,’ ‘Jessica Jones,’ ‘Luke Cage,’ and ‘Iron Fist’ Episodes to Watch First

That’s why it was important to find the right director, someone capable of capturing not just the unique natures of each character, but their basic aesthetics. And the »

- Liz Shannon Miller

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‘Halt and Catch Fire’ Season 4 Review: An Exceptional Final Run Plays Fascinating Tricks with Time

5 hours ago

So much has changed in “Halt and Catch Fire.” The future comes rushing at the series’ four protagonists faster than anyone expected. Flying four years in the blink of an edit, creators Christopher Cantwell and Christopher C. Rogers shut down Mutiny — Cameron (Mackenzie Davis) and Donna’s (Kerry Bishe) start-up gaming company — divorce Donna and Gordon (Scoot McNairy), and send Joe (Lee Pace), the idea man, into a mundane consulting gig.

But you already know that.

The time jump near the end of Season 3 marked a major step forward (literally and figuratively) in how this intimate, human story is told. While the jump is noteworthy, time is the key: Whether Cameron, Donna, Joe, and Gordon are getting ahead, such as a jump on the competition with a new piece of tech, or falling behind — losing moments they can never get back with their husband, wife, kids, or friends — the characters »

- Ben Travers

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‘Nathan for You’ Season 4 Trailer: Nathan Unveils His Devious Plan to Destroy Uber From Within — Watch

7 hours ago

If you ever wanted a blues smoke detector, then season four of “Nathan for You” might just be, well, for you. Comedy Central just released a trailer marking the return of Nathan Fielder’s show, which is coming back late next month. Watch below.

Read More:‘Nathan for You:’ How Cringe Comedy Doesn’t Have to Offend to Make Us Laugh

Among the upcoming schemes: a fully asexual computer-repair service; black-market chili sold at sporting events without the stadium’s knowledge; a nefarious plan to have cabbies infiltrate Uber and destroy it from within. Nearly everyone Fielder mentions these ideas to thinks he’s crazy, of course, and their reactions are often just as funny as his pitches.

Read More:Comedy Central and the New Mockumentary: How ‘Nathan For You’ and ‘Review’ are Changing the Game

Nathan for You” premiered in early 2013 and has aired 24 episodes across its first three seasons. »

- Michael Nordine

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‘Twin Peaks’ Meets Late Night TV: Seth Meyers Hosts His Show in the Red Room — Watch

8 hours ago

The Red Room has been a home to Dale Cooper, Sarah Palmer, and The Man From Another Place, but it has never hosted a late night television series. Until now, that is.

Read More:Late Night TV vs. Donald Trump: 8 Hosts Ranked, From Most to Least Critical

Seth Meyers channeled his inner David Lynch to see what his late night television show would look like if it happened to be set in the infamous Red Room of “Twin Peaks.” Clearly the writers of this sketch are diehard “Twin Peaks” fans. Everything from the set design to the pacing and backwards dialogue is on point. It’s only funny because of how accurate it all is, especially the insight into how a late night interview would unfold.

The “Twin Peaks” homage was a nice break in a week dominated by serious discussions over President Trump and the pro-Nazi rallies in Charlottesville. »

- Zack Sharf

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Every Episode of ‘Rick and Morty,’ Ranked

8 hours ago

Rick and Morty” does things no other TV shows would dare to do. Even with the infinite possibilities of a portal gun, this is a show that regularly finds a way to reinvent its own rules and subvert expectations of what a comedy can achieve in half-hour increments.

So, in a constant quest to help “Rick and Morty” newbies find the ideal entry point into the series (and to prove to everyone the microverse car battery episode is vastly under-appreciated), we’ve separated out every installment of the show with a little bit of context to explain why each episode deserves its place in the show’s hierarchy.

Read More:The 20 Best Animated TV Shows of the 21st Century

And let’s be honest: 94 percent of the people who clicked on this story have already skipped down to see where “Pickle Rick” is, so let’s skip the pleasantries, say “Shum shum schlippity dop! »

- Steve Greene

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HBO Hacks Continue: New Group Takes Over Official Twitter and Facebook Accounts

21 hours ago

HBO’s security continues to be attacked online — this time, by a so-called security group.

Late Wednesday night, the notorious hacking group OurMine sent messages over HBO’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts that read:

“Hi, OurMine are here, we are just testing your security ,HBO team please contact us to upgrade the security – ourmine .org -> Contact”

OurMine is well-known for infiltrating big-name accounts. In the past, the organization has taken over the social media accounts of Netflix, Marvel, and Google. They’ve hacked into YouTube, as well as other celebrity accounts.

During Wednesday night’s breach, they accessed accounts for “Game of Thrones,” “The Leftovers,” “Silicon Valley,” “Veep,” “Last Week Tonight,” “Girls,” “Ballers,” “The Knick,” “The Comeback,” “Real Sports,” “Looking,” “Vinyl,” “Outcast,” “Any Given Wednesday,” Cinemax, HBO Docs, HBOboxing, HBO Now, HBO Now Help, HBOGo Help, and HBO Careers.

Read More:hbo Hack: ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Episodes Leaked As Hackers Get More Aggressive

Typically, »

- Ben Travers

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‘Gay of Thrones’: How Funny or Die Recaps ‘Game of Thrones’ in Less than 24 Hours Every Week

16 August 2017 5:16 PM, PDT

Moulin Rouge” or “The Mighty Ducks”? That was one of the toughest decisions being made Sunday night at the Funny or Die offices in Los Angeles, where the cast and crew behind the “Game of Thrones” recap series “Gay of Thrones” had gathered, as they had for the past four weeks this summer, to watch the HBO blockbuster drama and (lovingly) tear it apart.

By 5 p.m. the following day, the latest installment was online — an awe-inspiring turnaround, given the Emmy-nominated series’s dense implementation of clips, visual jokes and actor-driven improv, cut down to a tight runtime that rarely exceeds five minutes.

Read More:‘Game of Thrones’ Episodes Keep Leaking, but Here’s Why Its Ratings Are Still Breaking Records

Curious about what it takes to make this possible in less than 24 hours, IndieWire asked to get a peek behind the scenes of the show’s production this year. »

- Liz Shannon Miller

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RuPaul Has a Powerful Message on Why The Bigots and Hate Groups Are Going to Lose — IndieWire’s Turn It On Podcast

16 August 2017 2:14 PM, PDT

Read MoreLAST Week’S Episode: Tony Hale on the Return of ‘Arrested Development,’ and Working on ‘Veep’ In the Time of Trump — Turn It On Podcast

This fall will mark 25 years since the release of “Supermodel (You Better Work),” RuPaul’s smash hit single that quickly made him a household name. The superstar hasn’t stopped working since then, and is now enjoying more success than ever with the Emmy-nominated “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” about to enter its tenth season.

Following a move to VH1, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” just delivered its most viewed season ever. And the show and its companion series “Untucked” has been nominated for 8 Emmys, including outstanding reality competition series and outstanding reality host for RuPaul, who won the category last year as well.

“My whole career, it’s never been about getting validation from the status quo,” the icon told IndieWire’s Turn It On podcast. »

- Michael Schneider

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Late Night TV vs. Donald Trump: 8 Hosts Ranked, From Most to Least Critical

16 August 2017 1:34 PM, PDT

When a sitting President of the United States sides with Nazis, jokes just don’t cut it anymore.

After the pro-Nazi rallies in Charlottesville – which led to three deaths last weekend – and President Donald Trump’s horrifying statements in response to the rise of white nationalist groups in America, late night talk shows are trying out a new tone.

Hosts are jumping in and taking on a sitting U.S. president like they’ve never done before. There’s still room for jokes as the hosts convey their views – but as things turn serious, they’re taking a stand and using their voice to the fight against tyranny.

Read More: NBC Helped Create President Trump — and MSNBC Ratings Prove He’s Been Good for the Company

This is a long way from jokes about Bill Clinton’s infidelity or George W. Bush’s intelligence. Many hosts are now actively calling »

- Liz Shannon Miller

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‘Moonlight’ Oscar Winner Sets Coming-of-Age TV Drama With Michael B. Jordan and Own

16 August 2017 12:16 PM, PDT

Tarell Alvin McCraney, the Oscar winner who shared the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for “Moonlight” this year along with director Barry Jenkins, is coming to television with a coming-of-age drama that sounds right in the wheelhouse of the acclaimed Best Picture winner. The Oprah Winfrey Network (Own) has given the untitled project a straight-to-series order. Michael B. Jordan is attached as an executive producer with Mike Kelley and Melissa Loy.

Read More:Barry Jenkins and Tarell Alvin McCraney Return to Liberty City for ‘Moonlight’ Celebration

The series is set in South Florida at the end of the Obama administration and will center around the life of a 14-year-old prodigy from the projects. The young teenager is forced to choose between the streets that raised him or the higher education that could take his mother and him out of poverty. Similar to “Moonlight,” the show will take inspiration from McCraney’s own life. »

- Zack Sharf

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‘Game of Thrones’ Episodes Keep Leaking, but Here’s Why Its Ratings Are Still Breaking Records

16 August 2017 12:12 PM, PDT

Another episode of “Game of Thrones” has leaked online, but even in this age of piracy and bootleg viewing, the show’s ratings are getting stronger with each episode.

Two weeks ago, an Indian distributor named Star leaked the season’s fourth episode titled, “The Spoils of War.” Despite the leak’s widespread availability, the episode drew 10.2 million viewers, which gave “Game of Thrones” its highest ratings ever at the time. Similarly, a separate HBO hack had leaked a script to an early episode that did not seem to diminish viewers’ appetite for the fantasy drama.

Now, it appears that yet another episode has leaked online, albeit accidentally, when this upcoming Sunday’s episode was published by a third-party vendor.

Read More:‘Game of Thrones’ Is Testing Viewers’ Allegiances and Their Tolerance for Incest

“We have learned that the upcoming episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ was accidentally posted for a »

- Hanh Nguyen

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Tribeca Launches Its First-Ever TV Festival With ‘Gotham,’ ‘Will & Grace,’ ‘Queen Sugar’

16 August 2017 8:00 AM, PDT

As of late, every major fest has included some degree of television in its programming. But Tribeca is demonstrating a new level of commitment to episodic content with Tribeca TV, an entire festival dedicated to the small screen (to use an increasingly antiquated term).

Running September 22-24 in New York, Tribeca TV will feature the world premieres of the upcoming new series “At Home with Amy Sedaris,” as well as “Designated Survivor” Season 2 and “Red Oaks” Season 3. Also getting special previews are Season 2 of the Emmy-nominated “Better Things,” the fourth season of “Gotham,” the upcoming Sundance TV miniseries “Liar,” and NBC’s revival of classic sitcom “Will & Grace.”

Read More:Tribeca 2017: 9 Breakout Talents From This Year’s Festival

Tribeca TV will also include a Vr component, with the original documentary project “Look But With Love,” from Academy Award-winning Tribeca alum Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy.

“Tribeca has proven itself to be the »

- Liz Shannon Miller

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‘Episodes’ Season 5 Review: Matt LeBlanc Wraps the Best Work of His Career With a Sharp Final Year

16 August 2017 5:00 AM, PDT

Episodes” began as a journey: Two British television writers try to take their acclaimed series to America, and get caught in the web of Matt LeBlanc’s world. Sean (Stephen Mangan) and Beverly’s (Tamsin Greig) original show is flush with promise — literal promises from eager Hollywood studio executives — but “Episodes” chronicles their massive failure.

Entering Season 5, the couple has been put through the ringer. After five seasons, one awful sitcom, and a stolen bid at legitimacy, Sean and Beverly have experienced the industry at its most dysfunctional. And yet, they remain. They still care — desperately, foolishly, painfully — but they still care. They cling to the appearance of a normal life even as the flimsy walls of fake sets and fake people consistently come tumbling down.

Read More:‘Episodes’ Creators Preview the Final Season of Matt LeBlanc’s Showtime Comedy and Unveil Why It Had To End

Even those that »

- Ben Travers

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‘Game of Thrones’ Is Testing Viewers’ Allegiances and Their Tolerance for Incest

15 August 2017 6:00 PM, PDT

As “Game of Thrones” heads into its final two episodes of the season, with only six more installments to follow in Season 8, gearing up for the epic conclusion has necessitated some major shifts.

The first is the convergence of characters who’ve been estranged and separated — such as the Stark sibling reunion or Jon Snow (Kit Harington) seeing Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) again — or characters who’ve previously never met but are finally facing off. Sometimes it’s a happy new mix of beloved characters who are working for a common cause, such as the Avengers-style force that just went beyond the Wall to catch a wight. Many of these convergences have been cause for celebration, as these interactions reveal new sides of the characters.

Read More:‘Game of Thrones’: Gendry Is Back! Here’s the Most Insane Theory Explaining Why He Returned

But increasingly, the show has pitted favorite characters against each other, »

- Hanh Nguyen

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‘Vice News Tonight’ in Charlottesville: A Horrifying Look Inside a National Tragedy is Essential Viewing

15 August 2017 2:10 PM, PDT

After tragedy unfolded Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia, media outlets showed images from the inciting protest, the vehicular attack and its terrifying aftermath. On Twitter and on national news sources, the collective perception of what transpired grew out of this footage.

“Vice News Tonight” was one of the outlets on the ground, tracking the white nationalist protest that birthed this senseless violence. In the days leading up to the tragedy, a “Vice” crew lead by reporter Elle Reeve was embedded with a group that led the march.

HBO and “Vice News Tonight” have made the resulting “Charlottesville: Race and Terror” segment available to watch for free on YouTube. It provides a chilling look at the motivations behind the protest itself and the jarring differences in how various groups responded to the attack that killed Heather Heyer.

Read More:Charlottesville: Dave Chappelle Condemns Donald Trump For White Supremacist Rally

The segment shows “Unite »

- Steve Greene

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How David Tennant Escaped Typecasting, From ‘Doctor Who’ to ‘DuckTales’

15 August 2017 1:17 PM, PDT

In recent years, David Tennant has proven that he’s much more than just “The Doctor.”

He’s been a detective (“Broadchurch”). A duck (“Duck Tales”). A “dastard” (“Marvel’s Jessica Jones,” in which he’ll appear for Season 2). And soon, a devil — having just been cast as co-lead character Crowley in Amazon’s limited series adaptation of the apocalyptic fantasy novel “Good Omens.”

Read More:David Tennant on Why ‘Broadchurch’ Is Like Nothing Else on TV, And Why He’s Glad It Has An Ending

Once upon a time an actor like Tennant would have been typecast forever as the time-traveling Doctor of “Doctor Who,” a classic sci-fi hero beloved by many. Once they’ve gone “genre,” actors have often found it tough to escape the label: “Star Trek: The Next Generation” star Sir Patrick Stewart has often told a story about auditioning for a well-known Hollywood director at »

- Liz Shannon Miller

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Critics Reveal the TV Character They First Identified With — IndieWire Survey

15 August 2017 9:32 AM, PDT

Every week, IndieWire asks a select handful of TV critics two questions and publishes the results on Tuesday. (The answer to the second, “What is the best show currently on TV?” can be found at the end of this post.)

This week’s question: When was the first time you saw a TV character that you felt represented you or your experience? Who was it? How did you feel? (This is jumping on the #FirstTimeISawMe hashtag about representation.)

Eric Deggans (@deggans), NPR

This is a tough question, because I don’t think I’ve seen a character like me yet on television (black comics nerd who loves playing drums, has a thirst for pop culture, spent his teens grooving to Frank Zappa and Parliament/Funkadelic and has a passion for racial issues and opposing stereotypes in media. Nope, haven’t seen that character yet). But the first time I saw »

- Hanh Nguyen

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‘Twin Peaks’ Just Explained How Dougie Came Into This World

15 August 2017 8:39 AM, PDT

[Editor’s Note: The following review contains spoilers for “Twin Peaks: The Return” Episode 14, “Part 14.”]

Twin Peaks” dropped a major hint on Sunday about the origins of Dougie, the man whom Evil Cooper/Mr. C created as a decoy, and whose life Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) took over upon his return to the real world.

While it seemed apparent that Evil Cooper made the fake version of himself to act as a replacement who would be called back to the Black Lodge in his place, it wasn’t clear what exactly Dougie was or how he came to be. A scene in “Part 14” between Albert (Miguel Ferrer) and Tammy (Chrysta Bell) sheds light on the man who was Dougie.

Read More:‘Twin Peaks’ Review: Big Secrets Spill Out in ‘Part 14,’ But the Truth Lies Within David Lynch’s Dreams

The two discuss the very first Blue Rose case in which FBI agents investigate two women — both who appear to be someone named Lois Duffy — in a hotel room. »

- Hanh Nguyen

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